Eran was interviewed by the Calcalist business daily newspaper about theĀ  EU Commission adequacy decision regarding Israeli. You are welcome to read theĀ English version and the Hebrew one.

Here is the quotation:

Prof. Eran Toch, an Associate Professor in the Department of Industrial Engineering at Tel Aviv University and a former member of the Privacy Protection Council, said in response to the EU decision: "I was relieved when I saw that the EU Commission decided to renew the adequacy status. Without this status, all Israeli companies that do business in Europe, especially high-tech, had to face a very significant obstacle, especially today during the war.

"I am also happy that Israel has maintained the independent status of its judicial system. If the plans of the Minister of Justice were implemented, it would be impossible to know if our adequacy status would have been renewed. However, the decision also issued us a warning, saying that in the future Israeli legislation will have to be updated. The EU Commission's report specifically refers to Amendment No. 14 to the Privacy Protection Law, which is currently being discussed at the Knesset, and makes clear that without such updates, we will not continue to enjoy adequacy status."