About the group

The IWiT lab is working on human-computer interaction and computational analysis of human behavior, applying this knowledge to usable privacy and security, and to human-AI interaction. The group is…

Assaf Morag’s Thesis Defence

Super proud of Assaf Morag, who successfully defended his Master’s thesis with flying colors. Assaf’s thesis is titled “DPAR: a Data-driven Password Recommendation System,” and it’s about the…

New paper (conditionally) accepted to CHI on the Strategies of Product Managers

I’m happy to announce a Eilat Lev Ari’s paper was (conditionally) accepted to the ACM CHI conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. The paper, written with Maayan Roichman…

Radio interview about the autocomplete algorithm in iOS and privacy

Eran was interviewed by Gidi Gov and Adi Lerner about the autocomplete algorithm in iOS and privacy. Here is the link.

Interview about the EU Commission adequacy decision regarding Israeli

Eran was interviewed by the Calcalist business daily newspaper about the  EU Commission adequacy decision regarding Israeli. You are welcome to read the English version and the Hebrew one….

Interview about AI, the plagiarism wars, and Claudine Gay

Eran was interviewed in the Globes business newspaper about the plagiarism wars that involved Bill Ackman, right-wing activists, and the previous president of Harvard University, Claudine Gay.

Presentation at AFT

How can we share data on blockchain networks with enough plausible deniability to give us confidence that we wouldn’t be recognized by the data we share but by…

Interview in RelevantTV about the bill to access security cameras

Eran was interviewed on RelevantTV about the bill to access security cameras to protect them from terrorist activity. The Full interview can be downloaded from here.