I’m glad to announce that two new papers were accepted to IMWUT (with minor revisions) and will be presented in the next Ubicomp at Cancún. The two papers are the first from our collaborative project about helping users cope with information threats on their mobile devices, funded by the ICRC and Singapore’s NRF.

The first paper: My Mom was Getting this Popup: Understanding Motivations and Processes in Helping Older Relatives with Mobile Security and Privacy, by Tamir Mendel and Eran Toch from the IWiT lab surveys people about their experiences in helping their older relatives.

The second paper: AppMoD: Helping Older Adults Manage Mobile Security with Online Social Help, by Zhiyuan Wan (University of British Columbia, Vancouver), Lingfeng Bao (Zhejiang University City College), Debin Gao (Singapore Management University), Eran Toch (Tel Aviv University), Xin Xia (Monash University), Tamir Mendel (Tel Aviv University) and David Lo (Singapore Management University). The paper describes AppMoD, a technology that helps older adults delegate decisions to their friends and relatives, and three users studies that show how this technology can be effectively used.