We are presenting couple of things at the upcoming 20th ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW 2017), held this year in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Eran will present a paper: Susceptibility to Social Influence of Privacy Behaviors: Peer versus Authoritative Sources, by Tamir Mendel and Eran Toch. The presentation will be on Monday, 2:30 PM, at the Ross Island/Morrison room.

Oshrat will present a poster, How Developers Make Design Decisions about Users’ Privacy: The Place of Professional Communities and Organizational Climate, by Oshrat Ayalon, Eran Toch, Irit Hadar, and Michael Birnhack. Monday 6:00PM-8:00PM.

Eran will also take part and present a position paper, at the Privacy & Ethics workshop, Saturday, at the Halsey room in the DoubleTree. The position paper, titled A Community-Based Approach to Networked Privacy aims to find new philosophical justifications to privacy in social media.