Eran will give a talk on Monday, May 6th, 15:00-16:00 at IBM Haifa Research Labs.

The talk will present the group’s current work, framed in the context of systems that enable information sharing between people and  organizations. Here is the title and the abstract:

Designing for Privacy in Information-Sharing Systems

How can developers protect the privacy of their users while still accomplishing business goals? In this talk, we will investigate the fascinating interaction between privacy threats and data collection, focusing on the challenges that information-sharing systems pose for privacy. In information-sharing systems, such as online social networks and enterprise knowledge systems, users willingly share information with other people. Therefore, designing these systems requires new methods to define and to protect privacy. We will explore several studies that employ data mining techniques to help users better manage their privacy and to exercise control over their data in information-sharing systems. These studies, which combine algorithm design and user experiments, highlight how privacy-by-design methodology can be applied to contemporary challenges and technologies.