Wolfson Building, Today

The Wolfson building for mechanical engineering, where our lab is located, gets very little love from its current occupants. Its not very surprising. The building is built in the 1970’s brutalist architecture style, using nothing much than rough concrete, and with almost no windows to the outside view. However, it is one of the most impressive works by Louis Kahn, and it does contain many ingenious ideas on combining multiple purposes, incorporating public spaces to the work environment, relying on inner courtyards and more.

I recently stumbled on pictures taken at 1978, documenting the construction of the building. The sheer power and simplicity of the building is visibly clear in those pictures (see an example below), especially before the more recent additions. So, if you are working at Wolfson building, or just visiting, it might be worthwhile to remember the heritage of the building and to try to look at the bright side.

Wolfson Building, 1978




Some people do look at the bright side. For example, architect Assaf Lerman had built an office and light industry building for startup companies in Katzrin, built after the Wolfson building. Some more pictures here.

Asaf Lerman’s Katzrin Startup Building