Eran will give a lecture about Artificial Intelligence and Information Rights with Prof. Oren Bracha from the Law Faculty of the University of Texas. Tuesday June 27th, 18:00 at room 307, Faculty of Law.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at the cutting edge of social and technological development. This technology is expected to bring about far-reaching social changes. Law as a reflection of society and as a social engineering instrument will have to face a variety of challenges emerging out of this new socio-technological reality. Because AI is both information and information-producer, information law is a central point of intersection between the technology and the law. The resultant questions are some of the most challenging faced by law for over a century. The lecture focuses on two of these questions: How should information law handle private rights pertaining to technology of public-control? And how should we shape legal rights in technological inventions or expressive works created by intelligent machines?

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