Eran Toch, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator
Eran’s Personal Page
Amit Rechavi, Ph.D.
Post-doctoral Researcher
Amit’s Personal Page

Oshrat Ayalon-Rave
Doctoral Student. Working on temporal aspects of privacy in online social networks.
Oshrat’s Personal Page
Frank Bolton
(co-advised with Prof. Dov Te’eni)
Doctoral Student. Working on mobile interruptions.
Lena Petrykina
M.A. Student. Working on gamifying information security.
Netta Rager
M.A. Student, co-advised with Dr. Noam Shomron. Working on Privacy in Genetic Databases.
Yoni Birman
M.A. Student, working on privacy preserving methods through dimension reduction.
Shahaf Donio
M.A. Student, working on privacy, security and eqaulity in smart cities.
Ayelet Arditi
M.A. Student, working on data-driven physical crowdsourcing.

Group Alumni

Rony Hirshpung, Ph.D. Doctoral Student (2011-2016). Co-advised with Prof. Oded Maimon. Thesis title: “Optimizing Privacy Choices”.

Hadas Chassidim Ph.D., Post-doctoral Researcher (2014-2016)

Gal Baron, M.A. project (graduated 2016). Project title: “The effect of nudging on people’s configuration decisions in mobile operating systems”

Tawheed Natur, M.A. project (graduated 2015). Project title: “The connection between users’ characteristics and their Smartphone’s configuration preferences”

Ofer Litver, undergraduate student project (2015). Project title: “Aggregating mobility datasets”

Anat Haim, M.A. project (graduated 2015). Project title: “Classifying privacy behavior patterns in online social networks”

Tamir Mendel, M.A. thesis (graduated 2015). Thesis title: “Influencing Users’ Privacy Behavior in Online Social Networks”

Gabi Cohen, M.A. thesis co-advised with Prof. Irad Ben-Gal (graduated 2015). Thesis title: “Analyzing Mobility Patterns with Zero-Knowledge Routine Diaries”

Omer Barak, M.A. thesis (graduated 2015). Thesis title: “Bootstrapping Semantic Locations from Human Mobility Data”

Tsila Hamer, research assistant (2014)

Hadar Neumann, undergraduate student project (2013). Project title: “Similarity in Privacy Behaviors”

Inbal Levi, research assistant (2013)

Adi Nesher, undergraduate Student project (2012). Project title: “Smartphone Privacy Control Preferences Analysis”