I (Eran) will be speaking at the world bank today, at the Smart Cities group, talking about “The Agile Approach towards Smart Cities: A Look at the Israeli Case”. Today, Wednesday, July 13, 12:30 – 1:30PM EDT

You can watch the talk online at: WebEx: https://goo.gl/Ke8rMQ

And the abstract:

In recent years, Tel Aviv and other cities in Israel have developed a unique agile approach toward smart cities projects, focusing on resident-oriented services rather than expensive infrastructure. For example, Tel Aviv’s unique approach was acknowledged when it received the World Smart City Award at the 2014 Smart City Expo World Congress held in Barcelona. This BBL will provide details on the approach, such as its reliance on the local startup ecosystem, its creation of services using open municipal databanks and public–private partnerships, and its emphasis on lightweight services that interact directly with residents.