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Congratulations to Yoni!

I am happy to announce that Yoni Birman had successfully defended his thesis,  “Inferential Location Privacy through Dimension Reduction”.

Congratulations to Shahaf for receiving a research scholarship from the City of Tel Aviv

Very proud of Shahaf Donio, a graduate student in the group, for winning a research scholarship from Tel Aviv Municipality. The scholarship was given in memory of Ethel…

Congratulations to Shahaf for winning the Engineering Faculty’s excellence prize

Happy to announce that Shahaf Donio, a group member doing her direct Master thesis, had won the Engineering Faculty’s excellence prize for her achievements and work on smart cities….

Congratulations to Lena for successfully defending her Master’s Thesis

We are very happy to announce that Yelena (Lena) Petrykina had successfully defended her Master’s thesis, “Incentivizing Users to Follow Information Security Practices”.  Lena had developed a personal…

The group in CSCW

We are presenting couple of things at the upcoming 20th ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW 2017), held this year in Portland, Oregon, USA. Eran…

Congratulations to Netta Reger

Congratulations to Netta Reger, who had successfully defended her thesis “Protecting Privacy in Personalized Genomic Databases”. Netta’s thesis was co-advised by Eran and by Noam Shomron from the Sackler…

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