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About the group

The research group, headed by Dr. Eran Toch, is working on various projects that revolve around human-computer interaction and computational analysis of human behavior, applying this knowledge to solve…

New paper accepted: Understanding the Valuation of Location Privacy – a Crowdsourcing-Based Approach

Hawaii, here we come! We will present the paper “Understanding the Valuation of Location Privacy: a Crowdsourcing-Based Approach”, which was recently accepted to HICSS. The paper, written by Maija…

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Happy new Hebrew year

Happy new Hebrew year! The months of September and October are always a good time to summarize, reflect and think ahead. So, it is a great opportunity to…

CSCW Paper Accepted

Our paper, “Susceptibility to Social Influence of Privacy Behaviors: Peer versus Authoritative Sources” was accepted to CSCW 2017. The paper is based on the Masters thesis work of Tamir…

Tel Aviv Smart City Case Study

Download The Smart Cities Case Study for Tel Aviv, Israel

The Tel Aviv case study, written by Eyal Feder and Eran Toch, is now freely available to download in English or in Spanish. The case study is one of…

What happens to privacy when we can go back to the past?

“Not Even Past”: New paper published online at Human–Computer Interaction

“The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” William Faulkner. The quote above is the basis for our new paper, “Not Even Past: Information Aging and Temporal…


A talk at the World Bank: The Israeli Approach to Smart Cities

I (Eran) will be speaking at the world bank today, at the Smart Cities group, talking about “The Agile Approach towards Smart Cities: A Look at the Israeli Case”….