Eran will give a lecture at the Technology Management and Information Systems seminar, Recanati Business School, at Tuesday May 5th, 2015, 11:00, room 305. Eran will speak about “Privacy in Online Social Networks: The Effects of Time and Choice Architecture”.

Here is the abstract:

Online social networks require people to constantly reflect on their privacy and manage the information they share with the outside world. To help people to this challenge, we ask whether online social network truly allow people to efficiently express their sharing preferences and to effectively control their privacy. Specifically, we will look at studies that examine time and choice architectures as fundamental dimension of social network privacy: first, how sharing preferences correlate with content aging on an online social network; second, how choice architectures can bias and direct users’ decisions. These studies, which combine algorithm design and user experimentation, highlight how user models can serve as a basis for improving the usability of user-controllable privacy mechanisms.